Technical Facts
Fiber Mix
Fiber mix fibers are 100% virgin polypropylene, multi-filament, fibers specifically engineered and manufactured for use in concrete for reinforcement. Fiber mix reduces segregation, plastic settlement, and shrinkage cracking. They increase abrasion resistance, add impact and shatter resistance, and reduce permeability. Western Branch Concrete uses fiber mix in approximately 90% of all concrete.

Slab Thickness
Most decks, patios, walks, and driveways are constructed approximately 4" thick unless vehicles heavier than cars frequently pass over the concrete. If the slab is subjected to heavier loads, a thickness of 5-6" is usually recommended.

Slip-Resistant Surfaces
With stamped concrete sealers are necessary to protect the surface. When wet it can create a slippery surface. To overcome that Western Branch Concrete recommends the use of agents that are added to the sealers and create a "tacky" surface so as to prevent slipping. This is HIGHLY recommended around pool decks and any sealed concrete that is prone to getting wet. Western Branch Concrete can clean and reseal the surface of an existing concrete and add the slip-resistant additive into the sealer.

Concrete shrinks as it dries out and therefore will crack. In attempting to direct cracks into straight lines and to minimize the occurrence of cracks, "contraction" and "isolation" joints are cut or tool grooved, or salt treated forms are placed into concrete. "Joints" are simply weakened cross sections in slabs resulting in good-looking, preplanned cracks.

Sub-Grade Preparation
It is important that the soil beneath the slab is cut uniform and compacted. Expansive soil when wet will expand and when dry contracts. If the underlying soil expands under the concrete, it will move with the substrate, therefore causing expansive cracks. It is always advised to install an inexpensive material prior to placing concrete.

Fiber Mix: Fiber mix fibers reduce segregation, plastic settlement and shrinkage cracking. They add impact and shatter resistance, and reduce permeability. This does not stop all cracking but certainly helps.

Wire Mesh
6X6X4X4 This is commonly used because it is economical. This helps reinforce the concrete though rebar is found to be much more efficient.

Superior to Wire Mesh, it gives the concrete added reinforcement in the natural event of expansion and contraction of slabs.

When regularly maintained sealing protects the concrete and color from abrasion, weather, and wear.